Learn about BABEL

BABEL is a multinational company that provides technological services oriented to support large organizations in their digital transformation process.

What do we want to build?

BABEL is driven to be a benchmark company in the rendering of technological services, aimed at big companies and public bodies.

Its competitive advantage comes from its team and its corporate culture, over which it builds, above personal leaderships, a long-term project for the future.

In its actions aimed at achieving objectives, BABEL always acts, both individually and as a group, with honesty, respecting mercantile, fiscal, occupational and environmental norms.

What are we looking for?

Our ultimate goal is to create profits for owners and workers, within a collaborative and fairy distributed model that aligns the interests of everyone.

The fundamental business objective is to satisfy the customers using a service that stands out for its quality, trustworthiness and commitment.

It is the essential part of the BABEL mission to offer the workers a long-term professional career, in which individual merits are valued.

How do we act?

Every member of BABEL acts with full responsibility in decision-making, in complying with their commitments and in managing the expenses of the company. This allows us to apply distributed management that moves decisions downwards and requires little supervision, giving rise to a light and level hierarchical structure.

Profitability is sustained by constant innovative improvement in the processes in order to seek the highest efficiency, as well as in strict compliance of the same, in order to beat the competition in quality and rigorousness.

Management is supported by fluid and transparent communication that makes available to the members of the company all of the information available, not only what is strictly necessary, and which provides the contribution of ideas by everybody.

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