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Kentico, the ideal "all-in-one" for digital content

01 November 2016


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Are you thinking on how to easily and quickly manage your website? Are you looking for a solution that helps you on your marketing campaigns? Kentico, the all-in-one CMS, E-commerce and Online Marketing platform offers you a number of really interesting features that make it a very complete and comprehensive tool for managing digital content of any business.
With all in one place, Kentico is easy to use, customizable and intuitive. Its features focus on the creation of websites, market places, intranets and 2.0 communities. So, what are the advantages to implement Kentico on your business? There are many, but let's highlight three of them that are very interesting: Automation, E-commerce & Scoring and A/B tests.
Marketing Automation. This all-in-one module has automating as main feature, which offers a great advantage for the companies that use it. It's very useful, for example, in marketing campaigns, since you can automate sending newsletters to costumer and potential costumers, or any other email campaign, according to the opening index. That is, if the first email sent to specific users has been opened, Kentico allows you to automate a second email to reach those contacts with more personalized content. If, however, the first mail has not been opened, then you can automate a second email as a reminder. It's a very practical way to save time and better target your audience.
Ecommerce & Scoring. Kentico provides multiple options to know better your audience and understand how users move through your website. It allows you to manage a deeper lead nurturing and gather more information on user behavior. In this way, you can create more effective, specific and targeted marketing campaigns to user needs, which finally, will impact the profit of your business. In a business of E-commerce, Scoring is a really useful feature, as the score gives you valuable information about website visitors interests. If, for example, an user has visited a high range product, it can be assigned a score and thereby generate a specific action. In addition, Kentico helps you to associate and group contacts thanks to the detailed segmentation in different fields (age, geographical location...).
A/B Tests. The platform also gives you the possibility to generate two different alternatives and offer them to your costumers and potential costumers, both through sending emails and landing pages. This way you can make an evaluation of both options and know which one gets better results, which can be analyzed in real time through opening metrics, clicks, conversion, etc.
But these are not the only benefits that Kentico can report to your business: their closed source code ensures platform security against attacks, and offers real security to anyone who uses it, something not offered by other CMS. As for SEO, so important in marketing campaigns and content creation, Kentico provides out of the box multi-language capabilities, so you can easily create websites in different languages, which improves substantially SEO. And allwithout leaving the platform.
The all-in-one solution allows you to develop content managed websites, sending newsletters or email marketing campaigns without using external tools. Everything is in the platform itself. And it can be customized to suit the needs of any business, thanks to the included web-parts or custom modules. Kentico can be a great solution for managing your digital content, a great help in the process of digital transformation of your company.
BABEL is a Kentico Gold Partner and its main supplier in Spain. It has 33 developed websites, 4 case studies, 13 certified developers and a Site of the Month award.
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