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Processes. Social Security IT Management

From legacy to process automation

Bringing knowledge to business units through efficient and effective implementation.

  • ARIS
  • BPM

Enabling the Business-IT gateway

Service-oriented development

Process automation


The need for information regularisation

Sometimes, social security databases are affected by circumstances that make the quality of the information unsuitable for certain procedures. These anomalies are frequently detected, either automatically (IT Units) or manually (Management Units) based on queries made on analytical and/or information control systems. The information records must be analysed and refined by the different Management Units that exist in the Social Security, in accordance with the Information Quality Control process

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The ability to analyse and continuously improve, with a focus on the user

  1. 01

    We adapted the application by incorporating new functions that generate value for business users

    IT listens to business needs and requirements

  2. 02

    Detection of substantial improvements

    e.g. the existence of potentially robotised activities, which help in the defining of flows that can be automated via RPA

  3. 03

    Continuous improvement

    we established a working method which ranges from initial analysis (discovery, modelling and documentation of the business process) and service-oriented implementation to the publication of information in dashboards, facilitating the vision and understanding of information on all levels, operational, executive and technological


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