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Babel Legacy Modernisation. INSS-GISS. A man on a construction site
Legacy Modernization. INSS-GISS

Modernizing by adding value to past investments. No Rip and Replace

One of the mainstays of this type of modernisation process is service orientation. Organisations need to redefine their services starting with the user, with a vocation to display self-contained logic, reuse real code, and improve maintainability of applications and other aspects, such as accessibility, usability, simplicity and security. If, after analysing different alternatives, we choose to take advantage of past investments, then we are faced with a modernisation strategy that seeks to obtain significant organisational value in the form of agility, and new capabilities reducing cost and risks, and must therefore address software refactoring.


+2000 Natural Refactored objects

Process Automation by BPM

+95% reduction in the technical debt of the systems


Software engineering techniques at the service of the end user

The Spanish administration must offer digital services to its managers, companies and citizens as the first channel of interaction of the administrative procedures for which they are responsible. To this end, the end user must take centre stage in the design of public services and structural improvements must be made to systems, making efficient use of public resources. We often encounter clients who consider the core of their management to be extremely successful, and that only require one layer to expose their services. The reality is that most legacy systems are like this, not only because of the passing of time or the technology in which they are developed, but because for many years there has been no investment in software engineering techniques that improve the quality and structure of programming, and that instead of an activity based on application maintenance it must become a project in itself, prior to the exposure of the services.

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