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Babel Lowcode Quirón. Health staff with a mask
Lowcode. Quirón Prevención

Quirón Prevención, creating its new customer area

Unification of existing portals into a single portal, developing, building and implementing new services aimed at client companies of the group.

  • UX

4 integrated portals

1st Low-Code development at client



Continuous concern for its customers

In 2017 Quirón Salud took over four prevention companies (Fraterprevención, Premap, MC, Unipresalud) to create Quirón Prevención. During the merger, the need arose to create a new, unified portal for the client companies of the group, maintaining the current set of services, such as requesting and managing medical appointments, managing centres and employees, or downloading documents

Babel Lowcode Quirón. Pantalla con la imagen del portal de Quirón Prevención con un robot e isotipo de outsystems

Unified portal in a productive environment in a short time

  1. 01

    Unified Portal

    Design, construction and deployment of a unified portal, maintaining current capabilities in addition to new supplementary and common features for all societies, providing an enhanced user experience.

  2. 02

    Client-backed platform

    Quirón Prevención chose the methodology and agile development of applications on the OutSystems platform, launching the construction of new core projects on it.

  3. 03

    Proven rapid development

    The development capacity of the platform has been proven with the implementation of the first project in OutSystems, and even without having used all the available features, where different accelerators have been used to reduce the time-to-market of the product.


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