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Babel IoT Postal services.  Cart with a lot of parcels
IoT. Postal services

Excellence policy for the postal, parcel and communications market

Vertical solution on our IoT platform for comprehensive control centre management.

49% market share of e-commerce deliveries

10 million deliveries a day

8,510 service points


Comprehensive operation of the operational security and control centre

The operational centre in Madrid takes all responsibility for the security of property and persons present at Post Office facilities and offices throughout the country.

Tens of thousands of communications are processed every day by our solution, with human interaction being required for a minority of those needing as such. It also assists operators in the performing of these human-centric processes, providing real-time video and planimetry.

Different process controls perform unmanned control tasks such as reprogramming devices and updating user information or enabling and disabling according to schedules.


Technology focused on success

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