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DevOps. Mapfre

Integrating webMethods into the DevOps model of MAPFRE España

Promoting business adaptability by streamlining the delivery of new versions of applications to end users. An effective, efficient version deployment mechanism provides business users with faster access to the capabilities they need in their ICT applications.


In MAPFRE since 2012

30 to 100 deployments are made per month of versions of webMethods solutions

Deployments from source repository, in different organisational environments


Promoting the agility of business processes

MAPFRE adopted webMethods BPM as a corporate process management platform in 2011. Through this addition it gained agility in building and maintaining process-based applications. But for this agility to translate into actual delivery to business users and to improve time-to-market, a deployment automation system was required in this type of element. This is the only way to avoid the inefficiencies and problems that exist in manual models.

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