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Babel Multi-experience Development Chatbot Stico.  Chatbot mobile app screen
Multi-experience Development. Stico Chatbot

A butler in your pocket

SticoBot is the assistant that provides users with services and information over their favourite channels.

  • LUIS

Launching a chatbot

completely designed in the cloud with Azure technology.

New business models

hyper-personalization oriented

New channels

Telegram and Facebook Messenger

To create a truly satisfying conversational experience

Conversational bots are on the agenda, but few manage to exceed expectations. Stico must be able to engage its users through various mechanisms, from smart conversation to offering a service (or services) that users really value. The channel is also very important, as it will enable us to access more users and will allow these users to find new information or make requests without the need to install new applications, or go through another registration process. Furthermore, it provides us with detailed information on our clients and enables us to aim for truly personalised attention.


Find out about the result

  1. 01

    Good user experience via Facebook Messenger

    Using its enhanced content capabilities and predefined actions. It allows for human-machine interaction by interlacing text and actions.

  2. 02

    Efficient architecture

    Using cloud-based resources as required, which is necessary for a growing start-up focusing on a B2C market. Fully Cloud-Native solution, taking advantage of Azure PaaS solutions.

  3. 03

    Growth marketing

    Use of these techniques to pave the way and promote Stico.

  4. More information
    Use case 03

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