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Babel Agile Iberia. Tail of an Iberia plane
Agile. Iberia

BABEL assists Iberia in the agile adoption process

BABEL assists in this transformation process, beginning with the implementation of agile processes in the development teams and working to extend this culture to the business area to ensure work in an aligned manner.


+2,000 people involved

+100 projects completed

Rapid adoption


International Airline Group

An airline operating around 400,000 flights a year and approximately 25 million passengers, it belongs to the IAG GBS Group which was established following the merger between Iberia and British Airways.

Babel Agile Iberia. A group of people at a business meeting

Increased productivity with greater alignment

  1. 01

    Implementation and completion of the methodology in different areas of the company

    resulting in dozens of projects already completed in multidisciplinary and multi-supplier teams.

  2. 02

    Iterative development

    Use of Scrum to carry out iterative and incremental development

  3. 03

    Continuous integration

    Improved quality and reduced development time

  4. 04

    Time to market

    Shorter time-to-market for the key project features

  5. 05


    Support in the implementation of agile processes in work teams and creation of a strategy for cultural change in the business area


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