Direct Writer

Direct Writer is a comprehensive platform for managing insurance companies, which covers the entire activity and business cycle, from pricing and production, to the management of claims and providers, distribution networks, reinsurance, calculation of provisions, etc.

Direct Writer is the only insurer ERP on the market which manages both life and non-life branches, in direct or mediated activity and both nationally and internationally.

  • Advantages
  • Target
  • Use cases
  • Technology
  • Competitiveness: the products workshop allows for the launching of new insurance products in hours (versus the months of development in legacy systems).
  • Cost reduction: the maintenance and development effort of Direct Writer is less than that of traditional internal solutions.
  • Best Practices: Direct Writer incorporates the best practices on the market, acquired through experience with a diverse set of clients.
  • Implementation models adapted: Direct Writer can be acquired both as a traditional licence and as a SaaS model, ideal to beginning activity on new branches or in new countries.
Insurance companies, mutual fund companies and risk assessment agencies.
  • Substitution of legacy systems. Migration due to difficulties in maintenance or competitiveness in the current system.  
  • Opening of new branches or channels (direct sales companies, etc.).
  • Internationalization processes. Implementation in local companies.

Direct Writer is developed using Java, with the most extensive frameworks and best practices on the market (Spring, Hibernate, etc.), along with BRM/BPM, CMS, scheduler solutions, etc., which provides great flexibility.

Direct Writer is compatible with any DB engine (Oracle, MS SQL Server, etc.) and is fully developed and maintained on a continuous integration model.