New Corporate Project Management Model with help from Gamification for Gestamp

Gestamp is an international group in the Auxiliary Automotive Industry made up of several companies in Spain. This type of growth leads to the incorporation of diverse procedures and different cultures, with the problem of homogenisation and management of important knowledge. For this reason, Gestamp launched the program GESTAMP PRODUCTS CREATION SYSTEMS in order to implement a common Project Management methodology and tool for all engineering departments. Since implementing GPCS greatly impacts the manner of working, careful change management is required. The goal is to help with the implementation and the promotion of a new corporate project management model (Gestamp Product Creation System) with help from gamification.

The solution consisted of a notification program and the generation of a gaming platform for challenges via a mobile application, which would provide continuity to the training actions and incentivise participation and competition among employees while demonstrating their knowledge of the new process.

Some advantages

Promotion and raising awareness: Allows for anything related to the GPCS project to be shared with the organisation.

Notoriety and relevance: Enables the HR department to gain notoriety and relevance.

Acceptance of the change: Retains knowledge and improves the adaptation of such change.

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