PMO Project, Gas Natural Fenosa Business Activity Management Systems

BABEL offers a service to perform multi-supplier collaboration for the Distribution Systems project management process, from the time the claim is received until its implementation in production. The service is provided by a team specialised in managing demand in the Energy sector, and for a mainstream subgroup specialised in development, with a global view of the distribution system. This ensures correct attention to the claim and chanelling and assignment of resources, an overview in complementary areas and knowledge retention.

Some advantages

End-to-end control: Improves coordination of the development and implementation phase for new applications and releases, during times of negotiation and collaboration in a multi-supplier scenario.

Knowledge: Through specialisation, the retention and availability of critical knowledge is guaranteed.

Flexibility: Expands the functional and management capacity for development suppliers.

Specialisation: Experience in Business Modelling for utilities and supply companies.

Featured Success Cases